When you are looking for a job, see yourself as a product to which you have to apply the best marketing. The photo is the image of the product, and the content of your resume is your sales strategy. So if you ask me, my answer is yes you should put your picture, but make sure to have the best ‘product shot’. You can sometimes misinterpret the use of the photo in the curriculum as a trigger for discrimination, a mislead if the person is ugly or pretty, the color of your skin, your hair style, etc., but don’t be afraid it actually benefits more than you might think. We must recognize that we are very visual and helps to have a visual image of the candidate, it is easier to remember and provides an identity to your resume.

We must recognize that we are very visual and helps to have a visual image of the candidate, it is easier to remember and provides an identity to your resume.

However, you must not lose sight of the kind of photo you choose, remember, is the image of the product you’re selling and you must take care of it to project what you want. Take into account these recommendations to select the photo that will give your best image.

  1. Black and white –A black and white photo projects more professionalism and avoids emphasis on skin color, hair or even helps a photo with poor resolution.
  2. ExpressionWhen taking a photo adopt a fresh expression, avoid stiff poses or too serious. Smile, it will give you freshness and you will project confidence.
  3. Attire– Ensure to choose headshot or upper body photo, never a full body. Use a professional outfit like a coat or blazer. Watch your appearance, have a well-groomed hair, well-kept beard, avoid heavy makeup or excessive accessories. Try to project a professional image for yourself and not divert the attention from the information on your resume.
  4. No ‘selfies’  Do not use ‘selfies’ you use for Facebook, invest on your image and take your photo in a studio. Do not put photos where you are in a group, on the beach or at rest. Prove you’re a professional from the photo you are presenting.
  5. Recent photograph –Use a recent photo. Your current image should match the one on the resume as this shows confidence and commitment.

The photo you use must be according to your professional image. That is if the photo says you are a clean, neat and serious person, when you are called for an interview you have to project that same image. Imagine going to a restaurant and you fancy a delicious dish you see on a promotional photo in the menu and as you order it they bring something different and not very appealing. The disappointment will be even greater if the picture creates an image and an expectation. Likewise, show up to the interview with the image you are projecting on the photo of the resume that way you won’t disappoint and the interviewer will see who he or she is expecting to see and meet.

Never neglect your image because a person with good presence creates more impact to their peers and is easier to achieve goals and objectives. This said in a professional and serious sense. It is convenient to invest in a sober wardrobe and one according to our work environment and the one we aspire. Avoid flashy clothes and plunging necklines, in the case of women. We don’t have to let go of fashion to dress well and elegant. Don’t buy expensive garments, but comfortable. Keep in mind your age, complexion, and height to choose what you’re going to wear, to both an interview and on the job.

With this clearly in mind, give an image to your product, in the promotion, and in action, and focus on the information you include, the sales strategy. There is no use on having a professional photo if the document content is not.  Good luck and shine!

By Martha Maeda, Sr. Managing Partner at Bleumind