Before knowing what to expect from a headhunter, we must know what is the role of a headhunting firm. A headhunter is a firm dedicated to locate candidates with a specific profile normally for management, directorship, or really specialized positions. Unlike an employment agency who looks for job openings, a headhunter focuses on their search for talent with very specific features. Therefore, a headhunting firm has two sources or resources to seek out and care:

  • Client: are companies that hire the firm services so they search and recruit a candidate who meets the profile they want for their open position, given the complexity of the process. The focus of the firm is on their clients, as they are their source of income and to whom they provide their scouting service. It is with them that they have a relationship Client – Provider there is in every business.

But there is no need to set aside, the other party, extremely important and necessary for the headhunter to provide their service:

  • Candidates: the professionals who give their work information to a headhunter to be considered as candidates for job openings within their area of interest and career plan. Each candidate has a profile, a career and special features that should tie in with the requirements of the Client for consideration at a vacant position.

In short, the role of a headhunting firm is not to get a job for their candidates, but finding the right candidate for their clients’ needs. These candidates are sometimes found in the firm’s talent database, sometimes not.
That said, if you are a candidate, what can you expect from a headhunter once you send them your curriculum?
In the case of Bleumind we work under a clear and professional process that can be simplified as follows:

  • Every day we receive resumes of professionals looking for a new opportunity. This information is treated with great ethics and confidentiality. We read it, analyze it and store it in our talent database.
  • Once we receive a curriculum, we send a confirmation e-mail and, from that moment on, the candidate should wait until we receive a request with a profile like his/hers to be considered and contacted from our behalf. Sometimes we contact the candidate if we need additional information in order to have a complete and updated profile in our system.
  • The Client makes us a request to search for a candidate for a specific position. Within the application it details the profile they are looking for the vacant position and it is our job to give them the best options of professionals in the market with the required profile.
  • Having these specifications, we turn to our database, among other search strategies, mapping and talent identification to look for candidates who meet the required profile.
  • By the time we find a potential candidate, we get in touch with that person to start an interview process, first with us as a firm, and once we’ve validated the candidate has all the attributes and competences that our client wants, with the company (our client).
  • The Client meets the candidate and carries its own recruitment process, deciding who to hire under their own contract terms.
  • Throughout the process and after they hired the candidate we maintain a constant, clear and direct communication to ensure that the candidate meets the requirements, and if for any reason he/she is no longer in the selection process, we will let him/her know immediately.

In conclusion, the main focus in a headhunter firm is towards the client, however, candidates are essential to close the circle of the service. We take very seriously our candidates’ career and we are pleased to see success stories of those who we have linked with our clients and are achieving fulfilling and successful careers.